What You Need to Do Before You Start Buying & Selling on eBay

There are a few basic things that you need or need to do before you can start buying and selling on eBay or any auction.
Credit Card You will need to have a Credit Card to open an account with Pay Pal which is the most acceptable, proven and safe means for payment. Your Credit Card number will not be revealed during payment.
Pay Pal Account Pay Pal is the safer and easier way to make payment without exposing your credit card or bank account number. PayPal can be used to buy items on the Internet too and not limited to transactions on eBay. It is widely accepted globally for electronic transactions on the Internet.
eBay Account You can opened an account in your our country as eBay has a few sites like eBay France, eBay Germany, eBay Australia, eBay Singapore, eBay India, eBay Malaysia, eBay Philippines, and so on. Just fill up the form shown on your PC screen and provide the relevant details required.

Digital Camera (Optional but Recommended) You should take good photos of items that you are selling as this will enable the Buyers to see what they are buying. You will have some advantage over those Sellers that do not have photos of similar items on sale. It is very simple to upload digital photos or images but please remember to re-size them as you do not need a big or very high resolution image for Web. An entry-level digital camera should be able to get you reasonable digital images required.
Items to Sell Finally, you just need to look around your home for used items that are no longer used but occupying storage space. As the item has to be sent by post, it has to be of reasonable size and not items like an old chair or 14″ portable TV otherwise the delivery cost would be very high.I would like to suggest that before you post any items for sale, it would be wise to look at similar items that are being auctioned and see how the Sellers do their postings; e.g. how photos are taken from different angles, how an item is thoroughly described.In fact, you should look for a cheap item that cost only a few dollars and you should have a go at bidding for it. This is to give you a feel of the whole transaction from bidding to settlement to receipt of the item. This experience will benefit you when you start selling your items.So what are you waiting for?Go and buy your first item and then make your first sale!